Royal Doulton Crombie Series Golf Ceramic Vase 2.25″

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Royal Doulton Crombie Seriesware Golf Ceramic Mini Vase measures 2.25″ tall.  Circa 1911 – 1932

GOLF SERIESWARE was based on the style of Charles Crombie, a popular poster artist, and the illustrator of a group of prints depicting amusing aspects of the rules of golf.  These were first compiled into a book by Perrier of France in 1905.  The Golf series included the following five titles combined with eight different groups of characters, including golfers with or without caddies:

1.  Give losers leave to speak and winners to laugh.

2.  He that always complains is never pitied.

3.  All fools are not knaves but all knaves are fools.

4.  He hath good judgement who relieth not wholly on his own.

5.  Every dog has his day and very man his hour.

These titles can be seen on a variety of plates and vessels, and were produced from 1911 – 1932.

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